steve Steve Hong

Founding member

President/Helper (Regional  level)

Currently working with:

Noah vom Hermes, IPO1 (GSD)

Dia Greymary (GSD)

Be More Sweet World of Matrix (Mal)

Recent accomplishment:

(Championships  only)

2013 WUSV Worldchampionships Competitor

2008 WUSV Worldchampionships 12th place

2008 WUSV Worldchampionships High Tracking (99pts)

2008 WUSV Worldchampionships Youngest competitor

2007 GSDCA-WDA National competitor

2007 Northeastern Regional Championships Competitor


Tom Waters


Currently Working with:


Duchess, IPO1 (GSD)

  David Hong

Founding member

Training Director

Currently Working with:

Khan vom Hermes, IPO3 (GSD)

Heya Clever Fox (Mal)

Henna Clever Fox (Mal)

Recent Accomplishments:

(Championships only)

2013 WUSV Worldchampionships Competitor

2012 WUSV Worldchampionships Competitor

2008 WUSV Worldchampionships Competitor

2007 NorthAmerican Championships 10th Place

2007 NorthAmerican Championships High Female

2007 Northeastern Regional Championships 3rd Place

2007 Northeastern Regional Championships High Female


  John Holian

Founding Member


Currently Working with:

Isaac vom Hermes, IPO3 (GSD)

Past Dogs:

Anka vom Hermes (GSD)

Joseph, IPO3(5x) (GSD)


Diette Ridgeway


Currently Working with:


Neue vom Bussardwald, IPO2 (GSD)


Luigi Iannucci

Currently Working with:

Ianna vom Heiligental, BH (GSD)

  Siyon Kim

Currently Working with:

Karo (GSD)


Anthony Fanelli

Currently Working with:

Inca, APR1 (Mal)

Luigi (Mal)


Currently Working with:

Korvin (GSD)

 jin (2) Byoengsoo Jin

Currently Working with:

Julius vom Hermes, IPO2  (GSD)

Audi vom Zionberg, IPO3 (GSD)

Spitfire, IPO3 (Malinois)

Past Dogs:

Nico van Arek, IPO3 (Malinois)


 jim Edward Taylor

Currently Working with:

Nandi (Rottweiler)

Past Dogs:

Buddha (Mix)

Kaz vom Germanenholtz, BH (Rottweiler)

Don Dinkins

Currently Working with:

Juna vom Hermes (GSD)

Diva vom Germanenholtz, BH (Rottweiler)

Past Dog:

Erle vom Hermes (GSD